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Product Name: Chlorine

Chemical Formula
: Cl2

Molecular Weight
: 70.914

Amber colour liquid with pungent and irritating odor. It is 1-5 times heavier than water with 6.7kgs/cm2 vapour pressure at 200C and 20kg/cm2 vapour pressure at 700C. The maximum solubility in water is 1.0%.


Appearance Yellow to Amber  
Chlorine % by volume Minimum 99.90
Other gases % volume Maximum 0.10

Chlorine is used in the purification of drinking water. As bleaching agent in pulp, paper and textile industries. As raw material/intermediate chemical in the manufacture of PVC plastics, paraffin waxes, synthetic rubbers, pesticides/insecticides, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals etc.

Safe Handling:
Avoid contact with chlorine as it is extremely, irritating to mucous membrane and respiratory tract. If inhaled in large concentration, lung tissues are affected resulting in pulmonary edema. Use canister gas mask or self contained breathing apparatus. Use proper means for loading and unloading cylinders. Protect the valve from getting damaged.

Avoid exposure to water, heat and sun.

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